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Vehicle Servicing in Rugby, Daventry and Northampton

To ensure that your vehicle is working at its best to keep you and others safe, car servicing and repair work carried out by Townsends of Rugby is key to providing peace of mind and helping prolong the life of your vehicle.

How do Services work?

Carried out once a year or every 12,000 miles a car service is a routine look at the condition of your vehicle by a dedicated professional at an accredited garage.

It’s a chance to look at essential parts such as tyres and brakes, whilst also highlighting any areas for improvement.

There are many benefits to having a regular car servicing such as identifying any issues that may cause a problem in weeks or months to come, demonstrating to future buyers that the car has been looked after, and can increase the resale value.

An oil change is also part of the package if needed.

Our Servicing Process

The type of service that you’ll need will depend on several factors.

Firstly, a Manufacturer’s Service is one that is recommended by the manufacturer of your car and is decided upon the millage of your vehicle and also its age, to maintain its warranty and ensure that it’s in the best condition possible.

Next, an Interim Service looks at everything from exterior lights to window wipers, mirrors, horns, brake pads and any dashboard warning lights that need to be examined.

Finally, a Full Service encapsulates everything from an Interim Service but with additional extras to complete the full package. This includes checking the pollen filter, air conditioning, air filter, and removing road wheels to inspect their condition.

To get your car serviced with Townsends of Rugby is simple. When your vehicle is reaching its annual inspection or nearing 12,000 miles, all you need to do is book a time and date that works best for you.

From there our experienced and highly knowledgeable mechanics will take a detailed look and provide any feedback or guidance on what improvements need to be made and what course of action is best to take next. Our years of expertise won’t let you down.

Servicing FAQs

Is there a certain type of service I should have carried out?

When your vehicle is still within its warranty period then a Manufacturer Service will suffice to ensure that the warranty itself remains valid and the checks will be in line with the specific schedule set by the maker of your car.

If your car is beyond this then a Full Service is recommended every two years, whilst an Interim Service can give you comfort that your car is functioning to a high standard in the alternate years.

What should I take to the service?

It’s important to take the vehicle log book with you to the garage so that they can officially stamp it to confirm that a service has been carried out.

This is particularly useful to future owners to show that the car has had a decent previous owner and a consistent service history.

Also, finding the locking wheel nut key ahead of taking your car for a service will save time all around, so make sure it’s stored somewhere safe so that the mechanics can do the necessary wheel checks with ease.

How long will the service take?

Depending on the type of service that you have booked will determine how long it’ll take for the task to be carried out.

An Interim Service could take up to an hour and a half, whilst a Full Service could be double this and take up to three hours to complete.

Call the garage in advance to get an estimated time of how long it’ll take so that you can plan your day around the service.

Courtesy Cars

At Townsends of Rugby we want to make the process of having your car serviced as stress-free as possible.

Being without a car can be challenging, especially if this is your only mode of transport for daily tasks such as the commute to work, food shop or the school run.

When having professional car servicing in Rugby, Daventry and Northampton areas, you want to ensure that you can still get around with ease and that’s why our hire car and courtesy car service can be of great help.

When booking your service, feel free to discuss what options are available to you in advance to see how we can assist.


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